Top 10 Most Popular Pick of High Protein Smoothie Recipes 2015

Have you been trying to live a healthy lifestyle like me? Healthy meals and taking all the necessary nutrients is vital for staying fit.

Protein is one of the most essential nutrients required to stay healthy. Protein builds fiber for your muscles and gives you plenty energy to exercise.

You can incorporate protein into your diet through eggs, chicken, fish and beef but these are all high-calorie ingredients. So what is the best way of having the most protein with minimum fat?

I found the answer to this question through high protein smoothies!

I have tried and experimented several protein smoothie recipes I found from various blogs. I found them to be the best weight loss gimmick which actually worked for me.!

Here is the run-down…

1. Fitness Mega Smoothie

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2. Delicious Post Workout Smoothie

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3. Nourishing and Relaxing Smoothie

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4. Coffee Lovers’ Smoothie

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5. Nutrition Green Protein Smoothie 

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6. Start a Bright New Day Smoothie

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7. Cooling Summer Smoothie

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8. Ice Cream Tasting 

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9. Three Combo Green Smoothie

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10. Green Smoothie

The green smoothie required 2 cups of leafy greens plus 2 cups of liquid plus 3 cups of ripe fruit. You can use spinach, kale, romaine, bok choy, dandelion, collards or swiss chard as your leafy greens and mix it either with water, coconut water, coconut milk or almond milk. As for the ripe fruit, add any fruit you like the most.

Add it all in the blender and blend till it’s smooth to gulp it down!

Source: How to Make a Green Smmothie

Source: How to Make a Green Smmothie

Out of the many protein smoothies recipes I have tried, the recipes mentioned above were my personal favorite. You can always experiment with your own recipes or search for other recipes online that have already been tested by other people before. Everyone has their personal favorite ingredients and you should make your smoothie with the ones you like best.

Easy to make and delicious to drink, the smoothies are full of energy and prove to be one of the best weight loss tricks. Try them out yourself and have a protein packed lifestyle!

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